very professional, It looked good in the internet and then when we spoke to Madame Tina – she made us feel very comfortable. we knew by speaking to her that our child will be in good hands. it was a milestone for her. she loved the camp. 1st time she had sleep over. And she bounded with other kids.

Sheila, mother’s camper

My daughter loves Megève and the camp. Small town, safe, wonderful staff etc.

She was happy, learned a little, enjoyed her time and helped her grow
Cory, mother’s camper

Never boring! Real fun!
One recommendation: don’t miss it, you have to sign up!!!

Mathieu, a camper

Awesome camp! Super coaches! Varied activities!
Fun guaranteed anytime during the summer!
A unique opportunity to make new friends from other schools and see again the ones from LGB.
Be prepared: you will want to go back…many times!!!
Don’t forget – you have to sign up!

Nicholas, a camper

« I liked the rehears ling, the making of our own costumes, the painting of the backgrounds and LOVED the show at the end! I loved it so much that I came back for a second week, another show!!! »

Sacha, a camper

How was the camp? – Parents’ perspective: The staff were amazing. They were always available to contact and willing to inform us how Isabella was settling in during the stay.
Camper’s perspective: Camp was truly amazing! A once in a lifetime (or at least once a year!) experience.
Best bits: The Aquapark!
Worst bits: Having to go to bed!

Martina and her mother

How was the camp? – Parents’ perspective: Staff were nice and supportive, there was a great range of sensible and exciting activities.
Camper’s perspective: I loved trying my hand at loads of new activities as well as having a unique opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.
Best bits: White water rafting!
Worst bits: Packed lunches could do with a bit more variety

Evalina and her mother

How was camp? – Parents’ perspective: I love the fact that each room has a bathroom, stunning location!
Camper’s perspective: I loved the new experience, meeting people from all over the world, learning to be independent and practising my English!
Best bits: The fact that I already miss camp!
Worst bits: Homesickness

Romain, age 10 (Singapore)

Andrew and his father