French & English Summer Camp in France

French Summer Camp in France for children aged 6-16 years. Based at the foot of Mont Blanc, we offer the possibility to combine French or English language lessons and workshops with fun and exciting games, sports and creative activities.


From July 2nd to August 5th, 2023, stay 1 to 5 weeks


Language Camps

French Summer Camp

French language lessons every morning and Sports in the afternoon with French immersion. French native speakers are together with summer campers learning French. Campers don’t learn the french language they live it!

French Summer Camp

English Summer Camp

English language lessons every morning and various activities in the afternoon. The language is used as means of communication, while practicing different sports, doing arts activities and visiting the beautiful French alps.

English Summer Camp

Residential Summer Camp

Residential Summer Camp in the French Alps for children age 6-16. Learn French or English in a fun way. Every day includes a great choice of sports & arts activities for your child to spend an unforgettable and fun Summer in France!

Summer Camp

Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp in the French Alps for children age 6-16. Every day 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, the campers learn French or English, practice different sports and enjoy arts and cultural activities. Your child will spend a fun and unforgettable Summer in France!

Day Camp

Winter Day Camp

Languages and winter sports in the famous ski resort of Megève, in the French Alps. Children age 6-16, learn French or English in a fun way. Every day 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM, campers enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the afternoon and language lessons in the morning.

Winter Camp

Online Language Camp

From your room, visit virtually the country and learn the language. Your child will travel with us and visit France- LE TOUR DE FRANCE in French – or the USA- THE GREYHOUND BUS USA TOUR in English.

Online Camp

discover our summer camp video

Very professional. It looked good on the internet and then when we spoke to Madame Tina, she made us feel very comfortable. We knew by speaking to her that our child would be in good hands. It was a milestone for her. she loved the camp. 1st time she had slept over and she bonded with other kids.

Sheila, Mother of a camper Summer Camp Adrenaline from August 1 to 7, 2022

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Our philosophy

séjour linguistique


I created the program over 20 years ago. I had in mind a perfect camp ‘FUN and LEARN’ for my daughters. Camps in the US are so much fun, so I got the ideas from the camps my daughters went to. But on the other hand , the camps were never parent friendly. I could not call my daughters, they were not allowed to have the phone…When they would arrive at the airport after a long flight, the camp transportation was already gone … and they were so young. I realised that parents had the right to worry and be anxious but also to feel comfortable about the camp . This is as important as kids having fun in the camp! So this camp is all about both parents and kids being happy!

In our International Summer Camp, campers are exposed  to children from all over the world! Different cultures, origins, religions…Through  a new language, campers learn to respect their differences and understand each other.

Each child is unique and not one is better than the other one. The language is used as means of communication, while practising different sports, doing arts activities and visiting the beautiful French alps. While learning about art, culture, history, customs ,they forget that they are doing it in a new language!

We encourage the campers to go beyond their own limits, not to be afraid of differences and buildup their confidence.

Our camp is located in the beautiful village of Megeve, at the foot of Mont Blanc. A fairy tale village with an exceptional range of mountain and water activities. Campers will experience ‘joie de vivre’, the excellent French cuisine and a true ‘Made in France’ camp.

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Ada DJUMISIC Founder of International Language Camps