Winter Camp Program

INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE CAMPS offers your child an unforgettable winter full of action at the foot of Mont Blanc.

  • Winter Camp 7 - 16 yrs

  • 7 - 16 yrs

  • Without accommodations

  • 1 - 2 weeks

  • December 26, 2022 - January 6, 2023 and February 6 - March 3, 2023

International Language Camps have a private tailored winter camp program to suit your and your child's needs. Combine fun French or English language courses with winter sports in the fabulous world-renowned resort of Megève at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Sledge in Megève at International Language Camps

Objectives and spirit of the Winter Camp Program

  • Have fun learning or improving your French or English skills
  • Live the language you learn
  • Explore an incredible range of adventure activities in the magnificent setting of Megève
  • Surpass yourself in the chosen winter sport (ski or snowboard)
  • Develop your sense of independence in the winter camp program

Winter Camp program all the information on the activities of the winter camp program

Language courses at International Language Camps Language courses at International Language Camps Language courses at International Language Camps


Language Courses

During the morning, we offer French and English courses.

All our teachers are qualified and experienced with young children and teenagers and are all native speakers. They are very motivated and prepare new lessons based on a different theme each year. Their enthusiasm makes the lessons fun and the campers learn!

We want our classes to be lively and different from language classes at school. Language groups are limited in number (maximum 8 per class) and are organized by language level so the children are happy to participate and make an effort to learn and improve. The focus is on conversation and building trust.

An oral evaluation helps to determine the most appropriate group for each child and classes are available for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

As a year-round language school, we’re specialized in teaching languages with children and teenagers. Our winter camp program includes 10 hours of language lessons per week.

camp d'été

2 Sports Activities in the winter camp Program

Ski or Snowboard lessons

6 half days from Sunday to Friday*

For fans of powder, winter sports and thrills!

Ski lessons are provided by an ESF (l’Ecole de Ski Français) instructor and campers are tested at the end of the week. The French Alps are known throughout the world for exceptional ski resorts, great snow conditions and unequalled ski runs. During the winter camp program, children will discover, learn and / or improve their abilities in winter sports.

The ski area Evasion Mont Blanc is simply magnificent. It groups together the resorts of Megève, Saint Gervais, Saint Nicolas, Combloux and les Contamines. It is appreciated for its diversity of slopes and landscapes, as well as the altitudes ranging from 1113 to 2350m. In the shadow of the highest summit in Europe, there are no less than 450 kms of slopes, adapted to all tastes and styles and equipped with 117 ski lifts.

3 Snow Options in the winter camp program

Group classes from Snowflake to Gold Star Level (included in the price)

Ski d’Or Training Course: Minimum 14 years old and Chamois Silver Level

Introduction to Competition skiing: for 7 – 12 years old (min. Gold Star)

Snowboard course: Snowboard Beginner, 1st, 2nd and 3rd from 7 to 16 years old

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5 The Options in the winter camp program

Children can choose an option instead of classic ski lessons during the winter camp program (a different fee applicable)

Snowboard Group Lessons for beginners

Snowboard beginner, 1st and 2nd Snow from 8 years old

1 week

70 CHF

Snowboard Group Lessons for advanced levels

Snowboard 3/Expert

1 week

170 CHF

Introduction to Competition Skiing

Starting from 7 years old with minimum Gold Star level

1 week

105 CHF

Ski d'Or Training Course

Minimum 14 years - Level Silver Chamois

1 week

145 CHF

Winter Camp Program Schedule

On Sunday

  • 1.30 pm

    Beginning of the Winter Camp Program

  • 2.30 pm

    Beginning of Ski lessons

During the week

  • 9.30 am

    Welcome the Campers

  • 10.00 - 12.00 pm

    Language lessons

  • 12.00 - 12.30 pm

    Cable car to the slopes

  • 12.30 - 2.00 pm

    Lunch on the slopes

  • 2.30 - 5.00 pm

    Ski Lessons with ESF ski instructors

  • 5.00 - 5.30 pm


  • 5.30 - 6.00 pm


  • 6.00 pm

    Campers leave

Winter Camp Program Dates

Winter Camp Program


  • Session 1

    from December 26 to January 6

  • Session 2

    from February 5 to 17

  • Session 3

    from February 12 to 24

  • Session 4

    from February 19 to March 3


  • Session 1

    from December 26 to 30

  • Session 2

    from January 1 to 6

  • Session 3

    from February 5 to 10

  • Session 4

    from February 12 to 17

  • Session 5

    from February 19 to 24

  • Session 6

    from February 26 to March 3

Prices of the Winter camp Program

  • 1 week

  • 2 weeks


With accommodation

Without accommodation

1 Semaines


1650 CHF

2 Semaines


3300 CHF

Options Prices

  • Snowboard Beginner 1er et 2ème Snow

  • Snowboard 3/Expert

  • Initiation Compétition

  • Ski d'Or Course

1 week

70 CHF

170 CHF

105 CHF

145 CHF

  • Snowboard Beginner 1er et 2ème Snow

    70 CHF

  • Snowboard 3/Expert

    170 CHF

  • Initiation Compétition

    105 CHF

  • Ski d'Or Course

    145 CHF

6 Meals


During our winter camp program, we offer a private tailored service with Day Camper formula only (without accommodations).

From Sunday 1.30 Pm to Friday 6.00 PM
The camp starts every morning at 9.30 AM and finishes at 6 PM.
It is a day camp for children on vacation in Megève with their parents.
To maintain an organization at a comfortable level, we deliberately limit capacity to 20 children. This allows us to create a multicultural dynamic and to look after the well-being of each of our participants.


Children have their meals in a restaurant on the ski slopes at lunchtime.

7 Safety and Supervision

Security is an essential part of our winter camp program: the children are supervised at all times.
Megève, as a peaceful alpine village, provides a safe environment.
All the service providers are qualified in their relevant activities (mountain guides, ski instructors, etc).

Our team members are selected for their experience with children, for their age and their training. They are all bilingual.
The staff/child ratio is 1 adult per 5 children maximum.

Our team is experienced, qualified, and competent and entirely dedicated to the personal development of the children.

We are here to help you organize and prepare your stay (accommodation, activities, organization of language courses etc).

Ideal for families looking for a Day Camp Program while on holidays with their children in Megève.