COVID Cancellation Policy

We have introduced a new cancellation policy due to a covid. All the students enrolled will be fully reimbursed in case:

– we have to cancel the program

– you cannot leave your country or enter France due to covid governemental orders

– you cannot leave your home area in France due to covid governemental orders

– covid health problems

I am waiting at the airport and cannot find an ILC staff member. What should I do?

In general, our staff will be waiting at the airport before your plane lands with a large sign for International Language Camps. If you cannot find our ILC staff, you can call the director’s number, sent to you before camp. When your child is ready to fly alone, you have every reason to expect it will be a positive experience. A little bit of preparation and careful planning can make it a pleasant journey – an opportunity for your child to spread his wings and fly!

I’m arriving by plane. What information must I send to ILC in advance and how will my pick-up be organized?

Please let us know your full flight details in writing no later than 2 weeks before the camp starts by filling in the transfer form. An ILC representative will greet you at the arrival area, once you have passed Customs. The driver will have a sign with your name. Look out for our ILC logo!

How can I make the flight smoother for my child?

Airlines ask parents to stay at the gate until the plane has pulled away from the gate since mechanical problems or weather delays could result in passengers deplaning. The plane should be well on its way before adults leave the gate. At the destination, the child should have names and phone numbers of the people he may need to call.

Are there additional fees for an Unaccompanied Minor flight?

Not all airlines charge a UM service fee, but many do. Charges can vary depending on whether the flight is domestic or international and if there are connecting flights. If two or more children are flying together, the fee is usually charged just once.

Is the pre-boarding different?

On the day of travel, parents should allow extra time at the airport to fill out paperwork and pass through security. Some airlines ask parents and UM’s to arrive three hours ahead of time. The reservation agent can provide that information. Parents can go through security to the gate with their child but won’t be able to board the plane with them.

When is a child ready to fly alone?

Parents are the best judges of that. Is the child comfortable around strangers? Is he/she able to keep track of their belongings, follow directions and entertain themselves quietly for extended periods of time? The responsibility that goes along with flying alone can give kids a great sense of independence and confidence. But, if a child is unsure of himself, shy or scared, flying can be a frightening experience. Parents can help alleviate some anxiety by preparing the child ahead of time. Like so many other parenting situations, children pick up on their parents’ feelings. The child should know what will happen at the airport, through security, on the plane and at the destination. If he will be changing planes, parents need to stress that he follows the directions of the flight attendant or gate agent.

Should your child fly alone?

Airlines call a child who flies alone an unaccompanied minor (UM). Generally, a child must be five years old to fly alone, and each airline has its own policies, restrictions and requirements. The airline will request from parents the name and phone number of the pick-up person. We will provide all this relevant information if required. Once the child boards the plane, he is in the care of a flight attendant. If it is a non-stop flight, the flight attendant will transfer the child to the adult waiting at Arrivals. If the child will be making a connection to another flight, the flight attendant will accompany the child to the gate agent or airport employee who will then take the child to the appropriate gate. There should be an adult airline or airport employee with the child at all times. Depending on the number of stop-overs on the trip, the child may be under the care of several different adults. If the child will be spending some time in the airport, the airline may have special kid-friendly lounges for UM’s. These may not be in every airport or available from every airline. The reservation agent will know if there is one in the airport a child is traveling through.

Are there any preferred arrival or departure times?

Participants should arrive on Sunday at 5pm at the hotel. Campers leave at 5pm on the last Saturday of their session. However because campers arrive from all over the world, the time of the arrival depends on the flight possibilities. ILC will organise a transfer according to the flight times of the campers.

If I accompany my child to camp, can I stay the night nearby?

Absolutely. We can recommend some of the most beautiful hotels in the resort. You may also wish to spend your holidays in Megève to enjoy the peace of the Alps or to discover the region. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.